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General conditions for reservations on the site of Hotel Orios - Primorsko

RESERVATION AND ACCOMMODATIONThe current conditions for online reservations oblige chap.Orios-Primorsko to provide the requested and paid byclient reservation according to the customer's data provided by the booking form: customer's name,period, number of nights, number of adults and children.Only children under 12 years old on the date of arrival will be accepted as children.PRICES AND PAYMENTThe prices of Oryos-Primorsko are gross, with 9% VAT included, resort tax and insurance.The total amount payable by the customer is calculated according to the number of days, the number of adults and children and the numbercurrent bid. All details are specified by correspondence with a hotel representative.Hotel Orios-Primorsko reserves the right to change prices and special offers insearch dependency and available vacancies. If already done, confirmed and paidthe amount due will not be changed, regardless of the new bids submitted.When making reservations, it is necessary to pay the whole amount in the bank transfer term after the reservation.ANULATIONS AND CHANGES IN RESERVATIONSIn the event of a cancellation, non-use or change of a customer's paid reservation,Hotel Orios-Primorsko refunds the paid amount upon request, by charging a penaltyDepending on the reservation period:- Period: 26.06.2017-29.08.2017 (inclusive) - Cancellations without penalty are made up to 14 days before the dateof accommodation. After this period a penalty of 1 night is due.- Period: until 25.06.2017 (inclusive) and from 30.08.2017 (inclusive) - Cancellations without penalty are made until7 days before the date of check-in. After this period a penalty of 1 night is dueUpon reimbursement of a refund, all translation costs (bank charges and other) are charged toclient.If it is necessary to return card-paid sums on services contracted and performed by us, this willwill be made by us through a credit transaction on the card with which the payment was made.TYPES OF PAYMENTSBy bank transferPayment of the full amount must be made at the latest at the time specified after the reservation. Thenpayment must be sent a copy of the payment order or IMPORT IMPORTANT notee-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] as the required reservation number in the payment reason.For e-banking, you need to send the details of the payment by e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED]IMPORTANT!If the Internet reservation is not paid within the specified time and no bank transfer is sent by bank transferthe payment document, your reservation will be automatically canceled by the booking system.In case you are prevented from paying the amount of an online reservation already made, please let us knowe-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] or by telephone: +359 879101012. In case of non-observance of this condition,Primorsko has the right to claim liability and damages for booked and unpaid reservations!For bookings starting on the next day, it is advisable to choose a debit / credit card payment,as this speeds up the booking process.These terms and conditions apply to all bookings made via the internet site: www.hotelorios.bgPlease address your Internet reservation questions to e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] or callon phone: +359 879101012